SI-W  is the most appreciated and most popular combination for symptoms associated with  sinus problems. Nasal congestion is due to local inflammation or irritation, which causes narrowing of the respiratory tract of the nose. Usually of viral or bacterial origin (flu or cold), but may be often chronic and allergic.

Some causes:
–  Pets, mites.
–  Pollens, moles.
Chemical pollutants, detergents, soaps, scented candles.
Certain foods (dairy products, peanuts, nuts, wheat, oats, bananas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, honeydew etc.).
Some symptoms :

– Pain in the face.
– Sensitivity and swelling around the eyes or cheeks, nose and forehead.
– Sinus pressure or sinus congestion.
– Difficulty breathing through the nose.
– Loss of sense of taste and smell.
– Headache.
– Yellowish or green mucus produced by the nose.
– Toothache.
– Very tired.
– Sore throat, due to a runny nose.
– Bad breath.
– Nasal discharge, sniffles, sneezing, hoarse voice, etc.

Contents: Bayberry , Golden seals , Wood Betony, Gentian , Chickweed, Oregon grape.
Description: Here is the most appreciated and most popular combination for symptoms associated with  sinus congestion; it prevents  and  quickly clears the airways and restores breathing. SI.-W helps to liquefy and drain the sinus passages. It combines the qualities of a refreshing, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and cleansing team to relieve the pain caused by sinus problems. This combination is very effective to prevent sympoms associated to earache, ear infections and hearing problems. Each nignt, , swab the ear canals with Vitamin E from 100 i.u. capsules, to avoid irritation. Then insert a cotton ball soaked with SI.-W into each ear canal. Change the coton ball morning and night. Many recorded cases of hearing problems have cleared up with use of the procedure.
Contraindications: None.
Side effects: None.
Uses: 10 to 40 drops three time per day.
Note: See the product guide for a description of each of the herbs and combinations contained in this combination, as well as for information, if any, regarding any contraindications or side effects.

 References: HOWARD, Dr. A. B., Herbal Extracts Supplement, First Edition, The Blue Goose Press, Michigan, 1985.