To become a consumer member

The annual fee is $ 20 plus taxes per year.
If you only want to buy products for personal consumption, becoming a member is a great option for you. The consumer member may purchase its products from a distributor or directly from the company and receive a discount of about 15% of the retail price.

To become a distributor

You can join a growing network of people who are aware of their health and the use of liquid herbal extracts. Our company markets its products through a network of independant distributor and consumer members. By becoming an independant distributor, we offer you the possibility to set up your own business and get an added income, all without risk. It is in fact possible to start your own business right now. You can even do it directly from home.

The membership fee is $75.00 plus tax and it provides:

  • Products Guide
  • Monthly bonus on purchases volume
  • Distributor price
  • Sponsorship opportunity
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Literatures
  • Distributor Status

To maintain his status, a distributor must make purchases totalling at least $200.00 within the same month, and this, inside a period of 6 consecutive months, (twice a year). Failing this, the distributor looses his status and becomes automatically a consumer member.
Bonus system on personal purchases

The independent distributor must order the products directly from the company to obtain a bonus. The bonus is proportional to the amount of his personal purchases and on the amount of the consumer member’s purchases of his group, who buy directly from the company.

For questions about the company, our products or the business opportunities, please contact your dealer or call us at 1-800-567-3515 or 819-822-2522

Become a member or a distributor for Herbes Pures now

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