Glucosamine: Researches have shown that utilisation of glucosamine stimulates the regeneration of articular tissues, synovial fluid and cartilage. It reduces pain intensity and inflammation caused by arthritis. It also restores joints flexibility. Boswellia: It has analgesic, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. Used since a long time in the chronic rheumatism inflammatory treatment. Boswellia produces none of the common side effects associated with conventional NSAID. Uña de Gato, Spanish translation means Cat’s claw. The Peruvians use this plant as anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatism. The American National Cancer Institute conducted studies that showed promising anticancer and immune system boosting properties.

Devil’s claw is recognized as a natural anti-inflammatory and has proven to be effective in the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic problems of all kinds.


Glucosamine Sulfate 2 KCl (from crab and shrimp exoskeletons) 300 mg, Devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens, secondary root tubers) 85 mg, Boswellia serrata (gum) 195 mg containing 40 % of boswellic acid, Cat’s claw (Uña de Gato) (inner bark of the stem and root) 200 mg.



Side effects



5 capsules per day.

Note: For information as well as contraindications or adverse reactions, if applicable, on each single herb and combination contained in this combination, refer to single product sheets.
References: The Lawrence Review of Natural Products, Facts and Comparisons, Canada 1993.