This kit includes the following products:

B.P.-W: B.P.-W combination is a blood purifier and is very effective to provide the strengthen to clean and normalise the blood stream. It cleans out everything touched by the blood, whether it is “cancerous cells”, tumors, etc.

P.C.-C: This preparation is basically made from four main plants that have a reputation for treating cancer: Burdock, Sheep sorrel, Slippery elm and Turkey rhubarb. It was developed by an Indian healer and was popularized by Renee Caisse, a Canadian nurse.

Golden Bough: Among its other vertues, it is a storehouse fro the mineral element zinc, which prevents the formation of certain cancers. In Germany, Gilden Bough is given medically to post-operative cancer patients to raise their immunity and thus prevent recurrence of cancer.

Signs that may indicate the presence of bad cells in the body:
 Pain in the back and on the right side (liver).
 Changes in appearance of the nails (liver or skin).
 The swelling face (lungs).
 Moles (skin).
 Abnormally painful breasts, nipple appearance change (breast).
 Abnormal menstrual pains (uterus).
 Difficulty breathing (cardiac abnormalities, high blood pressure or lung).
 Chronic cough (blood or lung).
 Fevers, infections (blood).
 Swollen glands (lymphatic system).
 Difficulty in swallowing (esophagus).
 Bleeding and bruising (blood).
 General fatigue and weakness that lasts a long time (body in general).
 In women rapid weight gain, bloating (ovaries).
 Loss of appetite for no reason in the woman (ovaries).
 Abdominal cramps, blood loss (colon).