This formula was developed by the noted American Herbalist and Natural Practitioner, Dr. William Horosh. It has been used for alleviating adverse conditions, which primarily attack the respiratory system, and those who suffer from allergies.

This combination is very popular, especially during the spring and late summer months when there is a lot of pollen in the air, and during winter, when the air is polluted by artificial heating, which aggravates breathing problems.

A.E.A.-B is the perfect combination for people with respiratory problems such as allergies, emphysema, bronchitis and asthma, because it immediately opens breathing passages.


Indian Tobacco (see Glossary), Herbal ADJ. (see Documentation), Thyme (see Glossary), Wild Rose Hips (see Glossary), Licorice Root (see Glossary).



Side effects



10 to 80 drops three times per day or more as needed. Because it contains Herbal Adjustment, it would be best to take it before meals or while eating.

Externally, it can be apply to the chest and the back, several times per day. After applying A.E.A.-B, you can also place a cotton towel on the area and wear a warm natural fiber garment. This helps to drive the herbs in and breaks loose dried and congestive mucus. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In cases of contact with those areas, rinse with clear water, stay calm and the sensation of heat will disappear.

Note: For information as well as contraindications or adverse reactions, if applicable, on each single herb and combination contained in this combination, refer to single product sheets.
References: HOWARD, Dr. A. B., Herbal Extracts Supplement, First Edition, The Blue Goose Press, Michigan, 1985.