This kit includes the following products:

B.&N.C.-W (mental): The brain control center, when functioning properly, can be of great help in restoring a weakened organism.

B.-W (emotional): This blend of beans is an impressive source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and proteins of the highest quality.

ARNICA 30ml (physical): Arnica should be part of your emergency kit because traditional medicine has been using it for a long time to eliminate physical and mental trauma.

Good way to restore and keep the balance!

A brain in poor condition produces the alterration of all its faculties, which causes fatigue, decreased concentration, depression, memory loss and possibly more serious degenerative disorders.

The brain is an indispensable organ for the proper functioning of the body. It is according to it that we can breathe, move, eat, drink, speak etc. It gives its orders to the nerves that transmit them through their networks to the muscles.

To maintain proper functioning of the brain, it is firts necessary to improve one’s health by making sure to have, a healthy and varied diet, a sufficient intake of water, a good intestinal elimination, a restful sleep, a regular practice of physical activity, positive thoughts and expecially to avoid stress.