This combination has been developed especially to facilitate a complete body cleaning. These plants have been known for a long time for their cleaning properties. Burdock is a good liver cleaner and it helps to prevent symptoms associated to skin disorders of all kinds. Dandelion Root is a valuable source of organic sodium.

It is also a blood, kidney and liver cleaner as well as a blood nutrient. Cornsilk helps to prevent symptoms associated to irritation of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tube. It helps to clean the kidneys, restores urine flow and reduces fluid retention. Buckthorn is a soft laxative and a bowel cleaner. It aids in restoring proper bowel flora, which prevents many contagious illnesses. Black Walnut has a great strength, which disables and disintegrates parasites.

It is also an antibiotic, an antiseptic and a lymphatic cleaner. It contains iodine that helps to normalize thyroid function.


Black Walnut (see Documentation), Burdock (see Glossary), Dandelion Root (see Glossary), Cornsilk (see Glossary), Buckthorn (see Glossary).



Side effects



25 to 80 drops or more as needed, three times per day.

Note: For information as well as contraindications or adverse reactions, if applicable, on each single herb contained in this combination, refer to single product sheets.

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