Contents: Mugwort (see Glossary), Wormseed (see Glossary), Pumpkin Seed (see Glossary), Black Walnut(see documentation) , Cascara Sagrada (see documentation).

Description: This combination has been created for the elimination of worms and parasites of all kinds. Because it has been observed and demonstrated that parasites can occur in just about any body part, including the organs, glands, blood and circulatory fluids, muscles, brain and nervous system, a wide-spread approach in types of herbs that disable and kill parasites proves to be a very important choice. W.-W also contains Chittem Bark to expel the degenerating dead parasites and prevents self-intoxication from the poisons they produce. Contraindications: None. Side effects: None. Dosage: 25 to 40 drops two to three times a day. Note: For information as well as contraindications or adverse reactions, if applicable, on each single herb contained in this combination, refer to single product sheets. References: HOWARD, Dr. A. B., Herbal Extracts Supplement, First Edition, The Blue Goose Press, Michigan, 1985.