Do not underestimate the health of your bones!

Picture this scenario: it’s mid-January, sidewalks are icy. On the other side of the road, you see an uneased face, walking tentatively on the slippery road. There’s a good chance it’s an elderly person, but most of us could fall victim to that icy sidewalk!

Ah, the fear of falling on the ice, causing one or more fractures. Although many women have osteoporosis, it doesn’t mean you have to be suffering from this disease to have brittle bones. Let’s be honest, the bones are of crucial importance within the human body.

In fact, they represent the structure on which the body rest and to which the muscles are attached. In addition, they have a role of protector of your organs. Moreover, they store calcium that your body will eventually use.

The bones are not a static structure. They are constantly changing, as and when the bones are renewed and replenished.

Bone health is essential and it starts with a healthy bone mass. Several factors come into play and must be respected to avoid breaking them into pieces during a simple fall.

The importance of your diet

You should eat well, plenty of proteins and ensure a sufficient supply of good calcium.

Your activity level

Always keep a stable and equal level of daily physical activity, such as taking a walk after dinner. Take supplements of calcium and organic silicon each day especially after the age of 30 (CA-W).

It is best to start early and build a healthy bone mass in childhood and adolescence, but there are also some steps you can take during adult life to protect your bones.

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