Cold and Flu , how to survive ?

According to Health Canada, colds and flu season starts in November and ends in April. Influenza is a respiratory disease that affects millions of Canadians each year.

A cold is a minor infection of the upper respiratory tract that may be caused by different viruses.
How to differentiate the symptoms?

It is easy to confuse the symptoms of colds and flu. Here is a table that will help you tell the difference between the two:

How to differentiate the symptoms?

Symptoms Cold Flu
Fever Rare Frequent, high(100,4°F, 38-40°C) and persistent (3 to 4 days.)
Muscles ache and pain Rare and mild Frequent and severe
Chills Mild Quite common
Fatigue, weakness Often mild Intense and persistent (up 2 to 3 weeks.)
Nasal congestion and runny nose Frequent Rare
Sneezing Usually Sometime
Sore throat Frequent, generally disappears in 3 days. Rare
Headaches Rare Usually and intense
Cough Usually, but mild Usually and last about one week.
Chest pain Rare, mild to moderate Usually, sometime intense

Today, our world is a place full of viruses, bacteria, potentially dangerous mold and fungus that can have a adverse effect on the body and cause disease that can become severe
According to INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), about one in seven human cancer is originally a viral, bacterial or parasitic source.
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