Abuse and excess during the holidays

Although we tend to eat well, the holiday season is more about quantity and less about quality. Too many sweets, saturated fat, hydrogenated fatty dairy products and not enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables. The important thing at this time is to share, to take pleasure in eating with others and to have fun.
Effectively, the balance of the digestive system is an essential key to vitality and overall good health. Proper digestion allows us to efficiently assimilate all the good nutrients essential to metabolism. Proper digestion not only serves to nourish and give us energy, but also provides our body with protective antioxidants and immune stimulants. Proper Digestion helps to eliminate organic waste toxins and pollutants as well. Healthy digestion balances and strengthens the intestinal flora, so important for health. Finally, proper digestion helps us to maintain a healthy weight and a flat stomach, synonymous with vitality, well-being and a positive self-image!
Here are some natural recipes to help you maintain or recover a good digestive balance:
– Bloating/swollen stomach after meals, digestion time is often extended: use the relief provided by bitter digestive plants effective on the liver, pancreas, stomach (MILK THISTLE, CHICORY, LG-W FORM DEP and CCE-W) .
Use this cure for a minimum of one month. A dose of one of these products (approximately 2 droppers), two to three times per day.
Additionally, you can take a dose of probiotics in the morning or evening. Drink plenty of water during the treatment and ensure that the intestines are working properly.
– If the bloating is caused by irritation due to stress caused by extra work, long to do lists with little time or planning celebrations etc. Take one of the following combinations as well: NW, DAN-C, BB-W, or, one of the following plants: VERVEINE BLUE OR skullcap.
– If you have a tendency to experience constipation, slow/difficult digestion, inner stress, or hidden anxiety: perform a liver drainage with a mixture of laxative plants (CASCARA, PSYLLIUM +3 or +4 PSYLLIUM or CCE-W) in the evening with water for a few days.

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