The kit includes the following products:

D.A.N-C : Depression, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, calm and repair nerves.
 S.M.F.-B: Stress maintenance formula (vitamins A, B, C,D,E, calcium, magnesium).
ARNICA (30ml):Trauma, emotional tension of all kinds.


Whatever task you need to accomplish, book yourself time to relax.

• Find yourself a quiet place and sit.
• Close your eyes and relax the muscles you appear tense.
• Inhale slowly through your nose for a few seconds.
• Exhale through your mouth again a few seconds.
• Read a good book, watch a movie, get some fresh air, take a herbal tea break etc…

Whatever method you choose, enjoy these moments to relieve stress, you will feel better, in control of your emotions and situation.