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IM.S.-W has been formulated from plants known in traditional medicine for their antibiotic properties to strengthen the immune system. When you are among sick people, it is important that your immune system should be strong enough to prevent infections. The combination IM.S.-W helps prevent and correct a wide variety of infections. It also helps neutralize and eliminate poisons of all kind, such as bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.


Juniper Berries (see Glossary), Marshmallow (see Glossary), Mullein (see Glossary), Sweet Root (see Glossary), Carpenter’s Square (see Glossary), Black Cohosh (see Documentation), Sarsaparilla (see Glossary), Uña de Gato (see Documentation).



Side effects



20 to 40 drops per day as a preventive. Take 10 to 40 drops or more to stimulate the immune system when there are infections.

Note: For information as well as contraindications or adverse reactions, if applicable, on each single herb contained in this combination, refer to single product sheets.
References: HOWARD, Dr. A. B., Herbal Extracts Supplement, First Edition, The Blue Goose Press, Michigan, 1985.