This kit includes:

B.P.-W: It cleans out anything touched by the blood. It puts a little more emphasis on cleaning of organs.

ALL CELL SALTS: The salts break up congestion in the cells and the fluid that surrounds them. This could ne called a kind of chelation therapy (rid the body of any trace of potentially toxic or harmful metals).

CHICORY: Liver, kidneys, spleen, lymphatics, stomach and urinary pathways are relieved and disgorged of their morbid waste with chicory.

Clean your body!

Cleaning is to make sure that all exits doors called emunctories are able to remove toxins from the body.

The main emunctories are: liver kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin. But there are also other emunctories: the salivary glands, the uterus, the lacrymal glands and the tonsils. They filter the blood and the lymph and reject the waste outside the body.

Signs of toxin accumulation: Headache, discomforts, abdominal pain, sleep disorders, fatigue, sexual dysfucntion, skin problems (allergic reactions), concentration problem, depression, intestinal disorders (often constipation), damaged hair and nails, arthritis (stiff joints in the morning).