Cajeput, a small tree native to the tropics of India and the Molucca Islands of Indonesia, is known in traditional medicine for its sap, which is said to contain an antibiotic oil.

Cajeput Oil has been used in the treatment of candida yeast infections, stopped up sinuses, flu, fever, tight chest, laryngitis, pains, toothaches, external sores and abscesses, boils, carbuncles, cuts, scrapes, mosquito and insect bites, ringworm and external fungus infection such as athletes foot, head lice, colitis with hemorrhage and impetigo. It has also been employed as a vaginal douche in cases of “erosion of the cervix” and gonorrhea.

Common Names: Cajeput Oil.
Parts Used: Sap.



Side effects

Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, flush with clear water.


For Candida yeast infections, mix three to four drops with a little food at each meal and use with a good bowel management program.

Stopped up sinuses, one drop of Cajeput Oil in one half cup of water and irrigate the nose, lean the head back and sniff several drops through the nose into the throat.

Flu, fever, tight chest or laryngitis, place one to two drops directly on the tongue and several drops to the throat and chest area, and cover up to sweat out the mucous.

Toothaches or tooth abscesses, one drop on a cotton ball, lay between the gums and cheek and leave there until relief.

For muscular and joint pains, arthritis, rheumatism and gout, apply peanut oil and massage often with Cajeput Oil.

For external sores and abscesses, mix one part Cajeput Oil with three parts olive oil, place on gauze and lay over the area.

For cuts, scrapes, pains, impetigo, stings, boils, carbuncles, ringworm and external fungus infection such as athletes foot, apply externally as needed.

If head lice, one part Cajeput Oil with three parts of olive oil and apply to the scalp; ten days later, shampoo first and then apply again to kill any remaining lice or hatched eggs.

In cases of “colitis problems” with hemorrhages, apply 80 drops of Cajeput Oil three times per day to the abdominal area.

As a vaginal douche, use daily, 5 to 10 drops of Cajeput Oil in one cup of distilled water.

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